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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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off of the plane. we are here waiting for them to leave the secure area. we will show you that view from sky 5. he and his wife landing here. he is back home in boston. he has been in prison in north carolina. his wife debbie has been fighting for the compassionate release. a federal judge ruled he would be released because of his failing health. he was convicted on corruption charges in 2011. he is 71 years old. a very powerful politician who
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we understand he is getting off of the plane right now with his wife. we will bring that to you when they arrive. jc: breaking news on wall street the dow has closed above 19,000 for the first time as a post-election rally continues to push market to records. today's gain marks the sixth record high close for the index since the election two weeks ago. ben: a worcester woman behind bars right now, accused in the deadly beating of a lowell mother. the victim's ul newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in lowell tonight. anchor: two dozen victims and family members attended the arraignment. as we learn more details.
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dimasi arriving in a wheelchair after serving five years of an eight year sentence. ben: the former speaker lost 70 pounds while in prison, treated for a number of cancers in prison. it left swallow. a judge ruled last week he would get compassionate release. only a dozen federal prisoners have received this compassionate release. jc: anyone who were members him, you can see how significantly different he looks. the two cancers that heought. let's take a lten to what he
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the right. he is looking frail. hi he is going to speak to the press. ben: you can see the microphones he is approaching. he just landed at logan. sal: i can't say how happy i am, an grateful, that i om making this possible. it is an emotional day for me. it has been a trying and difficult experience for me. i am looking forward to being reunited with my family, my
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i'm looking forward to regaining my health. i can't tell you how much i love my wife for what she has done for me. she has been terrific. she has been my champion. i and grateful. my children have given me so much support. for everyone who has been with me and encouraged me to fight this terrible cancer, and the illnesses that i still , i am a fighter. i'm going to fight this all the way. i am overwhelmed being able to be home with my family. i love being back in boston. thank you very much. jc: former house speaker sal
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wife debbie, and speaking about how happy he is to be in boston. compassionate release after receiving five of an eight year sentence. ben: it doesn't happen very often. she argued he was unable to get medical care he needed. he could not even get nutrition because he's unable to swallow. she made the case before the judge, the same judge who sentenced him to that term in 2011 who said i agree. he will be released. that came down to this last week. jc: he is at home confinement. he is back in boston. we want to go back to reid lamberty. talked was about the woman who has been put behind bars n
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people. today at the arraignment that to the hearing and heard whatten the prosecutors had to s. we did learn some new information including the possibility she may have been run over by a car. >> a murder victim's daughter falling to her knees. her mother's murder. moments earlier inside court, nats, more lashing out,by family members of gloribel orengo,who was beaten to death over the weekends. they openly wept as one of her attackers ami rilies huertas-perez,facing a judge,admitted to hitting the 44-year-old mother of four twice
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bottle. >> it s hard to hearerytng thaty mother. reporter: procutors s huers-perewas one of five people who punched and kicked orengo,in a fight saturday at procs of fleeing the scenelex, stolen car in which th 23-year-old huertas-perea passenger,may have run over orengo. of two young children. she has a record of assault and battery. the charge can be upgraded. durango's family was pleased but not satisfied. >> four down, five more to want all of them.
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be surprisingf more arrests happened. : gorgeous live pictures over the tyf bost. you have not already made your things giving getaway, you don't want to wait too long. >> tomorrow is a ftravel day. we are watching this system. when we get to thanksgiving of light snow north and west of boston. jc we will be watching that closely. today is one of the busav days . i certainly noticed it driving
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this is only day one of the getaway. map.are looking at big delays this is the brighton stretch. big delays here as you are leaving the city. delays continue towards 495. over and hour and a half of traffic. heavy . 93 is a tough ride leaving the that iover an hour. 128 southbound. lays begin in lexington. over and hour and change there. if you're looking at the mass into the city.0 minutes tget
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jc: a disturbing arrest in the merrimack valley, a man accused in a bile and track -- in a violent attack on a transgendered person newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live in lawrence with the story. repoer: t victim was a transgender male. the boyfriend became enraged and attacked without warning. police benjamin used a sexual slur toward the victim as the crowd poured out. he rped off of the victim's clothing, shs and irpiece. the victim was left naked on the ground, kicked and punched. the ctim reported this as a hate crime. he's being held without bail.
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unaware of the attack. police did not learn of the hate crime until t victim went to lawrence general hospital. they arrested the accused attacker. rhondella richardson, news 5. jc: donald trump met with the new york times, a meeting that he and the he initially cancele. promises he made during his campaign. >> ben carson, who said he didn't want to be considered a cabinet position appears to be back in consideration. the president elect we did i am considering dr. ben carson as the head of hud. his desire toe part ofm to weigh
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prident-elect is consering. >> there's a tradition that after you win an election y put things behind you. i would be supportive of continuing the investigation. >> the president does not have the ability to decide who charged. among topics discussed, climate change mode which is connected to humans and the alternative right which he is said to have disavowed. in an irs filing the charitable foundation admitted it violated a prohibition against using foundation money in a practice
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respond to that. ben: a brazen robbery at a jewelry store. jc: the smash and grab caught on camera. the search for suspects. ben: a search for an american hero honored decades later. jc: it was damaged after a festival. the fresh look to the football
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after serving five of an eight year prison sentence s wife debbie is by his side. his stepchildren as well. he is grateful to his family were helping him get there and he is a fighter. he has lost tremendous weight since we have laeen him. he has been fighting to forms of cancer. ben: a smash and grab in a new york city jewelry store. monday, one of the men ordered the workers to the ground. the other started smashing through the glass cases. they grabbed hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry. jc: a special honor for a world war ii veteran.
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was at the emotional ceremony. . >> 1941. reporter: more than 7 decades separate 97-year-old anthony basile from his military service. though, some days he says it feel like minutes. >> it is something you can't control, memories, they are all memories now . reporter: the watertown veteran a young soldier in 1944, was laying communication wires in metz, france when he was injured in a fierce battle with enemy troops. >> we will never forget what you did to restore our freedom. reporter: tuesday the veteran was penned with the legion of honor. >> thank you so much. reporter: tears flow easy in these moments for basile. >> i accept them all but not for
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bother you later on you wonder where the ones you were with are now. some are not with us. many are not with us. reporter: basile face tells the story of those brothers he lost. >> always. i never think i was alone. harvey: chile and windy today. it was a miniscule thing. if we get a little snow it would be thanksgiving and it would come from the upper midwest. even if we covered the ground to make it slippery people will be out on the road.
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you'll be able to see as it was heading down. just at sunset, we didn't quite deal with the sunset. into the evening, the twilight hours, that is where we are. let's check it out. a 15 mile-per-hour wind. it is it is not quite as windy as it was. wind chill is 20. these will be your low temperatures. not as windy as last night. a slight moderation in temperatures. the trend will continue.
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left of the lake affect snow? you want a job f there is a ribbn parts of wisconsin. it is going to head to the east and southeast. let's take you back in tomorrow, no problem. slight moderation of temperature. a few rain showers across the midway. let's jump ahead. we have sunshine for the day tomorrow. nice travel weather. as we get to early thursday there is a little strip of snow.
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get to the coast line. it could be a little bit of a max south of boston. clouds will linger through the day. talking may be a tenth of an inch. north and west, that could be enough to make some slippery going in spots. a new hurricane to talk about. thisot just north of panama. it is going to pass close to the costa rica border. both of those countries could see rough going. here is your next seven days. check it out. early in the day there could be a freezing drizzle. another system will affect us
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late in the weekend windy and colder conditions will take over. jc: if you doubt love the forecast, you will love the turkey. ben: i do. jc: a popular gravy recalled days before thanksgiving. ben: what customers should do. and quitting smoking. the method proven to work. jc: criminal cases being tossed because of tampered evidence 5 investigates takes you inside the evidence room and takes a hard look at how it is handled in police departments across the state. ben: in massachusetts college has stopped flying all flags on
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my gravy had an accfollow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tpled. i want to go reallybig wi. we can do it without blowing oubudget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier.
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jc: hundreds of cases of gra are beined because they have been mislabeled.
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bistro au jus y. that gravy contains milk and soy. 500 cases of the product were customers should not eat t careturn it for a ll fund you'll find more information on e wcvb app. ben: the deadly effects of smoking not a secret. but still more than 42 million people light up daily. and cigarettes arehe leading cause of preventable death inunr newscenter's emily riemer s proven to work. reporter: financial incentives might be your best bet if you arlooking to quit smoking. people who were motivated by money were able to quit successfully at least after 12 months. the program that worked best had
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money is not always a guarantee. another group got $800 if they refrained from smoking and did not have to put down a deposit. only 17% were able to be successful. skin patches and gums are another option. more than 150 different tests show a likelihood of quitting while using them to 70%. other methods that had results, prescription drugs and quitting with a partner. the jury is out on e-cigarettes. researchers if they are not sure if they help people quit or fuel another addiction. jc: following breaking news. sal dimasi back in boston.
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split tonight. a lot of headlights, not moving. we are your first alert traf randy: wednesday morning on the eyeopener. >> all of the flavor with less fat. >> a top chef tell us how to cut calories. >> a chance for wet weather on thanksgiving. the full time line on wednesday
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>> disgraced former house
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dimasi. he was released early due to his battle with cancer. >> police make an arrest in the murder of a mother in lowell. the victim, she was killed saturday after an argument at a house party. ben: of viciously beating a transgender person outside of a local club. 42-year-old benjamin espino is now being held without bail. the alleged victim reported the incident as a hate crime. jc: harvey joins us now. harvey: it is possible there could be some slippery things


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